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Panic Attack/Anxiety Attack Help


Ok so some of the best tactics that I’ve learned are:

1. Rectangle Breathing: Find a rectangle object somewhere around you. (doorway, window, computer screen, etc.) Trace your eyes slowly around it. When tracing the short side inhale, and while tracing the long side exhale. This is good because it helps you get more air which helps lessen anxiety/panic and it makes you concentrate which can help prevent other thoughts.

2. If you’re hyperventilating do one of these:
-Breathe in for 7 seconds and out for 10. Or in for 5, hold for 5, out for 5.
-Get a bag and place it over your mouth and nose. Inhale until all the air is sucked out and then exhale to fill it. Repeat until your breathing is under control.(Plastic is fine, as long as you don’t swallow it or something. Its also quieter.)

3. For over-thinking or intrusive thoughts: think of some obscure knowledge. Like: The types of rocks and how they’re made, the types of clouds and what they look like, every detail of your favorite memory, or what you learned in 5th grade. (or a different grade if 5th is triggering)

4. Hug yourself as tight as possible for 30 seconds. You can do something similar with a jacket if you’re in public bu wrapping it tightly around yourself. This helps with a feeling of security.

5. Sensory stimulus: find something fuzzy and rub it repeatedly, or something smooth and run your fingers over it. (I always keep something fluffy or smooth in my pocket just in case.)

6. Keep yourself grounded: observe your surroundings. Notice the color of the floor, or that chair, or the texture of the ceiling. Touch things if you can.

7. Throw yourself into what you’re doing: If you have to be doing something at that moment, use all of your brainpower to do it. Focusing on one task will help drive unwanted thoughts out.

8. Repeating a mantra: Repeat a calming phrase or phrases over and over again. Writing it down may help too. (My mantra is “It’ll be okay. I’ll be okay.” Sometimes writing that down over and over again really helps.)

9. Sometimes exercising can help. Though i would be careful with this one because bringing up your heart rate during a panic attack isn’t always helpful.

10. Methodical movement: Rocking back and forth, pacing to a beat or rhythm, or just tapping a table can often help to calm.


Beth Ditto photographed by Nick Knight


Beth Ditto photographed by Nick Knight


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